Tutoring London offers teaching adapted to the needs of your children

Our criteria to find the right teacher for your child consists of a wide selection of teachers, a personalised monitoring of each student and the development of exclusive educational methods
Our goal is to offer you the best home-schooling teachers and a way of working to achieve tangible and lasting results.

The Excellence Package

The Excellence Package was created at the beginning of the 2016 academic year. It offers educational support, which is provided by teachers who have all obtained  a CAPES (Certificat d’aptitude au professorat de l’enseignement du second degré) a French teaching certificate, which is the highest teaching diploma in France, or an equivalent qualification.

The Classic Package

The Classic Package offers educational support provided by teachers who have obtained at least a bachelor's degree in the taught subject and a minimum 2 years’ experience in tutoring.

The Homework Support Package

The Homework support Package is only for secondary school students (11 to 15 years old). 
We offer regular tuition follow-ups to help the student structure his/her learning and acquire rigour and method.

The teachers taking part in the Homework Support Package are there to help each child with their homework.