What drives the high demand for home academic support ?

Academic levels are getting increasingly higher and parents want to spend more quality time with their children. Many parents no longer regard home-schooling support as failure, in fact it is considered to be a way of gaining access to better individual progress and better academic results.

What is the CNED?

The CNED (Centre national d’éducation à distance-National Centre for Distance Education) is a French public institution led by the Department of Education. The CNED’s role is to provide students within the English education system with distance learning material allowing them to follow both the English and French curriculums and permitting them to easily (re)integrate the French education system. The CNED is tutored by specially trained teachers.

Can I have a CNED tutor at my children’s school ?

Yes, we generally provide individual or group support in English schools such as Clifton High School in Bristol, Our Lady of Victories, St Mary, Gem Hamphire school, or Sinclair House school etc…

Could the parents find a teacher by themselves ? 

Yes, which is often the case before they call us. Parents come to us and we provide them with not only a graduate and experienced teacher but also one who is trained in the specific subject at a certain level. This later creates a particular satisfaction within the parent(s) and builds their loyalty.

How do you choose your teachers ?

Firstly, all our teachers are interviewed to ensure that they meet all the requirements. Secondly, they are chosen based on their academic profile and their availability. Teachers need to at least have the teaching level required by the French Ministry of National Education.

Finally, our teachers are selected based on their relational and educational skills to give private lessons at home.

What is the procedure ?

It is a simple process ending with your satisfaction.

•    You contact us to explain your requirements and needs;
•    You complete the registration form that can be sent by email in order to settle the registration fee;
•    We respond as quickly as possible to your request;

•    We will respond to your request as quickly as possible;
•    We propose a first lesson with the teacher: a trial session is arranged;
•    We get your feedback after this first lesson about your level of satisfaction and to confirm the choice of the most appropriate educational support package

After the first session, we will await your feedback to discuss the most appropriate educational package and confirm your choice.

Should you not be satisfied with the first lesson, we would make the necessary adjustment, teacher and/or method, until the lessons are to your complete satisfaction. 
We interview the teachers and select them on the grounds of their academic and teaching profile. Cancellations and rescheduling are free with a 24 hours’ prior notice. 
The hours purchased are valid for one year and for the entire family.