Our support to all lockdown student : Online courses !

Since March 17th , all our face to face lessons are now switched to online ones.



We are all through a difficult period as we do not know what will happen next.


However, it is important that all our students continue their  journeys with our teachers and tutors help.



That’s why, since Tuesday 17th of March, Tutoring London does not endorse  face to face lessons anymore. 


If you and the tutor you are working with ,have privately agreed that you will maintain face to face lessons, please ask us for a disclaimer at this address :


Online lessons will be the best way for everyone to keep safe and to stop the spreading of the virus!


As schools are closing , your usual tutor will contact you shortly with a new support to continue the school at home, if not, please give us a call and we will organise everything for you !



Here is why you need to know about online lessons :


With what kind of devices? Smartphones, laptops and Tablets.

With which platform?  You can choose between Skype, WhatsApp, scribblar or Zoom.

What ages? Student from 9/10yo will be able to follow an online course for sure. However, for the youngest please try with break times, as it’s the only solution they will have to keep learning…


 You may have some questions, so do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here .


Thank you for your loyalty and keep you and your close relatives safe !




But don’t forget that we are the experts of online lessons since 2009 !


  •  An exam tomorrow and you are not prepared ? 

  •  Questions about a problem statement ? 

  •  Do you need to prepare your entrance exams for university ?


Don’t worry, we have your solution ! Online lessons are more effective, flexible and efficient for everyone ! 



Our service will be the same : we will provide the best tutors who will customise his lessons to your children no matter what.

With this online service, you have access to our tutors in the UK , but also in France: more choices and profiles available!




How does it works ?


You will have to contact us directly for any enquire, and we will ask you for as much details as we can to find the perfect tutor .


-You choose the platform you would like to work with depending on your needs : shared screen, shared whiteboard , calls, e-mails etc…


-Once you are happy with the tutor we have picked for you  ( after one lesson), you will have to choose the package you like : remember that online lessons are cheaper than face to face ones.


-The number of  hour(s) you will received during a month, will be taken out from your package at the end of this one; you will also receive a statement of the hours remaining on your package at the beginning of the next month.


Your private lessons, wherever you want with Tutoring London.

Quickly with us, find your particular teacher among our many online teachers. The online course, we guarantee you a real private course, without having to travel.

With confidence.

Thanks to our secure system, you can book your courses with one click. If there is a problem during a course, our administrators are there to help.

Find your perfect teacher.

Our service remains the same, we guarantee you to find the right teacher according to your expectations and the needs of your child.

All packages include a free telephone/video consultation (up to 15min) with the tutor we have chosen for you.

Get a great rate.