Since 2008: Tutoring London is certified and officially appointed by the CNED

The CNED is the ideal solution for students in the UK who wish to benefit from both the British and the French curricula. It is also there to help those who have not found a place in a French school or those who are prevented from attending schools regularly.                                                           

Tutoring London offers teaching adapted to the learning needs of your children.

Do you want your children to follow the French national education programme in parallel with their English curriculum? 
Tutoring London offers qualified teachers who work with the official education programmes certified by the French Ministry of National Education, preparing your children to re-enter the French education system.
Thus, whether in French, mathematics, history or geography, or learning to read and write, Tutoring London offers you the appropriate CNED teaching support.

At Home

The pace of the lessons will vary depending on each child and will be made to suit each child.

Tutoring London will advise you on finding the solution best suited to your child’s pace and the demand of following both curriculums.

At the school

Although we sometimes work within the school premises in order to optimise everybody’s work, your child’s safety will still be guaranteed by us and the school.
We usually offer two-hour sessions, twice a week.

Do you want your children to follow the French curriculum in parallel with the British one without having to travel ?

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